Innovative Portfolios offers a range of separately managed accounts (SMAs) to meet the needs of investors of all types.

Our proprietary portfolio strategies incorporate downside risk analysis with active management and disciplined investment strategies to offer the potential for enhanced income and growth. Each SMA is professionally managed by skilled portfolio managers to achieve a targeted investment strategy—growth, income, or growth and income.

Our SMAs have a wide range of potential benefits to advisors and institutional investors, including:

• Proprietary, income- and growth-focused investment strategies
• Active, strategic portfolio management
• Downside risk analysis to help predict risk-adjusted returns
• Option overlays designed to generate incremental income

Our Strategic SMA Offerings

Growth Strategies
Bulls of the Dow
A portfolio of 10 U.S. large capitalization equities selected from the Dow Jones Industrial Average, with a goal of capital appreciation. Download the Bulls of the Dow Fact Sheet here.

IntelliBuilD® Growth
A portfolio seeking capital appreciation that is comprised of 33 fundamentally strong American growth-oriented equities—based on quantitative scores and relative strength—selected from Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) stock lists. Download the IntelliBuilD Growth Fact Sheet here.

Outlier Growth
A diversified portfolio seeking capital appreciation by attempting to identity stocks early in a growth cycle which may have potential to significantly outperform the market—stocks that could be called ‘outliers.’ Download the Outlier Growth Fact Sheet here.

Growth & Income Strategies
Covered Call Income
A strategy seeking income and growth of capital from the sale of covered call options on high-quality, U.S. large capitalization equities. Download the Covered Call Income Fact Sheet here.

Dividend Growth & Income
A portfolio of 33 individual stocks seeking dividend income with capital appreciation a secondary objective. Stock selection is based on dividend history, ability to raise the dividend, and opportunity for growth. Download the Dividend Growth & Income Fact Sheet here.

Real Estate Income & Growth
A fully invested portfolio of publicly traded companies engaged in the real estate industry whose primary goal is current income with a focus on capital appreciation. Download the Real Estate Income & Growth Fact Sheet here.

Income Strategy
Preferred Income
A portfolio of approximately 25-30 preferred stocks that display high, steady, and consistent income; seeking current income is its primary objective. Download the Preferred Income Fact Sheet here.

Option Overlay Strategy
Index Income
A long-term, time-decay, premium-capture put credit spread on the S&P 500 or similarly situated exchange-traded funds (ETFs) seeking positive monthly cash-flow from option premiums.