Innovative Portfolios strives to provide you with access to innovative, actively-managed portfolio strategies for both growth and income.

Innovative Portfolios is a new money management firm helping RIAs help their clients. But while our company is new, we are not new to money management—our team has decades of experience with customized portfolio strategies as well as option-based strategies on top of traditional investments.

We can offer scale to RIAs—providing you with institutional-level money management strategies for your client portfolios of every size. By employing alternative portfolio strategies, which many times are only used with institutional investors, Innovative Portfolios makes this type of portfolio/strategy management available to the retail investor.

Our Approach

Our company was established as an alternative to the common investment firm. We believe there is a better way to approach investments and every day we strive to help RIAs and their clients build more balanced, risk-adjusted portfolios.

With the word “innovative” in our name, we work to provide a different perspective on portfolio design and management. We believe in helping you take traditional, and sometimes very predictable, portfolios and strive to make them better.

We focus solely on your success, providing you with money management services and allowing you to focus on the business of planning and advising instead of the implementation. Our fundamental analysis approach focuses on downside risk alerts coupled with tried-and-true option-based strategies to drive potential for enhanced performance in your clients’ portfolios. Our philosophy is also firmly rooted in disciplined investment practice and sound economic understanding.