Published Articles

The notion that rising interest rates are bad for stocks is wrong and illogical. Dave Gilreath, Innovative Portfolios Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, discusses this topic, inflation fears, market performance in these environments, and how to exorcise the fear in your clients’ minds. Published May 4, 2021, in Medical Economics magazine.

Are you putting off the uncomfortable conversation with your clients? Innovative Portfolios Chief Investment Officer Dave Gilreath discusses strategies for dealing with clients with a potential correction on the horizon. Published in FA Online March 29, 2021.

While the outlook is still positive for equity stocks, low interest rates have investors searching for yield. Have you considered alternative sources to find higher yields for your portfolio? In this commentary for CNBC, Innovative Portfolios Managing Director Dave Gilreath discusses potential investments types that may be able to provide higher yields and gives an outlook on which sectors can provide growth in 2021.

As the promise of vaccines to overcome coronavirus are fast becoming a reality for 2021, investors may now be able to consider potential for fixing the nation’s deteriorated infrastructure. In this November 23, 2020, commentary for FA Online, Dave Gilreath reviews ways advisors might want to prepare for anticipated Congressional attention and federal spending in the coming year.

How do you straddle the transition from a pandemic to a post-pandemic market? For HCP Live® (formerly Physicians’ Money Digest), Innovative Portfolios CIO Dave Gilreath offers some perspectives on key sectors and industries.

Is the run of growth stocks about to end? And, if so, will the next run be in value stocks? Dave Gilreath, Chief Investment Officer at Innovative Portfolios, looks at the past…and toward the future of both…in this commentary for HCP Live® (formerly Physicians’ Money Digest).

With fixed-income performance withering in recent years, advisors are hearing from clients about shrinking yields. But most aren’t aware of the trends now erasing deeply-held beliefs about the traditional 60-40 stocks-to-bonds allocation. Innovative Portfolios Managing Director Dave Gilreath details the correlation changes for Financial Advisor.