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Watch for insights on movements and trends in U.S. and global financial markets with Innovative Portfolios’ video commentary. Here, we’ll assess a wide range of economic, political, and investment factors and their potential, as well as historical, impact on market returns. Stay informed with our perspectives on volatility, the Federal debt, interest rates, tax rates, bond yields, market corrections, new currencies, elections, S&P bears and bulls, and much more.

Our videos are brief (3- to 6-minute) commentaries on current market trends and their possible significance. The opinions expressed here are not intended to be taken as investment advice. Please see the disclosure at the bottom of this page.

December 2021

Dave Gilreath, Fox Business, Innovative Portfolios

Dave Gilreath, Innovative Portfolios CIO, offers his “dividends for a happy new year” on Fox Business, December 30th. Hear his favorites for potential market gains in 2022.

Dave Gilreath CIO Innovative Portfolios, Bloomberg Radio interview, 2022 Market Outlook

Dave Gilreath, CIO of Innovative Portfolios, sees the glass as half-full for 2022. In this interview on Bloomberg Radio, he discusses the markets and why industrial companies could make for attractive investments in the near-term. Hosts: Carol Massar and Katie Greifeld. Producer: Paul Brennan.

Santa Claus effect, 2022 stock market, Dave Gilreath, Innovative Portfolios CIO

Investors everywhere want to know if the latter half of December is sure to bring Santa—or whether the Grinch will make his appearance instead. Innovative Portfolios CIO Dave Gilreath shares his data.

November 2021

Dave Gilreath, CIO of Innovative Portfolios, talks about where to invest during inflationary times

The news of inflation is everywhere these days. But, inflation or not, where should you be investing? Dave Gilreath, CIO of Innovative Portfolios, offers his thoughts.

September 2021

Dave Gilreath, Innovative Portfolios, video discussing gold as an investment

Assessing gold’s reputation as a hedge against inflation, Innovative Portfolios CIO Dave Gilreath shares data comparing gold’s return on investment vs. stocks through the years. Gold is clearly the loser in that matchup.

August 2021

Fox Business, Dave Gilreath CIO, market commentary

Dave Gilreath, Chief Investment Officer for Innovative Portfolios and Sheaff Brock, was Liz Claman’s Countdown Closer on Fox Business News August 17th, giving his take on the unpredictable state of the markets. Watch the full highlight here.

July 2021

Dave Gilreath, Innovative Portfolios, reviews economic futures of U.S. vs China

News outlets are predicting that China will overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy in the near future, but Innovative Portfolios CIO Dave Gilreath doesn’t believe China has the necessary staying power. Listen to his reasoning.

May 2021

Dave Gilreath, Innovative Portfolios, comments on rising taxes and the bull market

With headlines warning investors about potential tax increases ahead, Innovative Portfolios CIO Dave Gilreath recaps history to show that tax increases don’t affect prices for the long-term and earnings are actually what drives stock prices.


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